Philemon Spoken in Koine Greek

I recorded myself reading Philemon in Greek using the Koine Era Pronunciation (aka Reconstructed Koine) from the Greek New Testament Produced by Tyndale House. I previously recorded myself reading 1-3 John in Greek using Koine Era Pronunciation. You can find 1 John here and 2-3 John here.

I am testing out a real microphone and believe the audio quality on this recording is much better than 1-3 John. At some point I hope to go back and record those again.

Feel free to download and share the files, but please cite me if you share it online (a link to my site is sufficient).

Philemon – v1 – AAC (M4A) Format

Philemon – v1 – MP3 Format


Jongkind, D., Williams, P., Head, P. and James, P., 2017. The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge. Wheaton, ILL: Crossway.

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