1 John Spoken in Koine Greek

Update: I recently added recordings of 2 and 3 John, which you can find here.

When you are learning a new language, hearing it is incredibly important. To learn any modern language it is assumed that you will be using as many senses as you can. For Koine (Biblical) Greek, it can be hard to engage more than your eyes simply because audio resources are not always easy to find.

However, It is getting much easier to find quality learning resources for Koine Greek. I have found the work of those at KoineGreek.com especially valuable as I have been working to master Greek. They produce excellent audio resources for Greek in the Koine Era Pronunciation (aka Reconstructed Koine; as opposed to Erasmian Koine). They have recorded many books, and are working on many more. They have also worked with the LUMO Project and produced a Koine Narrated film of Mark and Matthew.

Despite the excellent resources provided by KoineGreek.com, they do not yet have the entire Bible recorded. I am working to expand what my friend Thom Chittom calls “a beach head” in the New Testament and I started with 1 John (as many Greek students do on account of its simple syntax and vocabulary).

I have recorded myself reading 1 John in Koine Era Pronunciation from the Greek New Testament Produced by Tyndale House. Since there are not a ton of Koine Era Pronunciation resources out there I am sharing it in the hope that it may be useful to someone. I do not have recording equipment (or recording experience), but I have tried to make sure everything is audible. My competency in speaking the language is also not perfect, and there are a number of areas in this recording I hope to revisit and smooth out. Consider this a version 1.

Feel free to download and share the files, but please cite me if you share it online (a link to my site is sufficient).

1 John – v1 – AAC (M4A) Format

1 John – v1 – MP3 Format


Jongkind, D., Williams, P., Head, P. and James, P., 2017. The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge. Wheaton, ILL: Crossway.

5 thoughts on “1 John Spoken in Koine Greek

  1. Lynn Rochelle Phimsoutham

    Thank you so much for recording yourself reading 1 John in Koine Greek. I have the Greek New Testament Produced by Tyndale House and have found it a little difficult to follow along and keep up with your reading. Again, thank you for rendering this great service to the Koine Greek learning community. I have only one question; is there a way to slow the speed down?


    1. Some audio apps give you the option to slow down a recording. I don’t think Apple Music (not sure what you use) does unless the audio file is configured as an Audiobook (this isn’t; I’m not sure how to do that yet). You may be able to search for apps for your device that support modifying playback speed.


      1. Lynn Rochelle Phimsoutham

        Thank you. I’ll try to see which audio file I can use to slow it down just a little.


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