So, I am starting a blog.

I have been considering for a while the idea of starting some sort of blog, and I am finally taking the first step in that direction.  I don’t have any expectations of grandeur at this point.  I am just taking a baby step in the direction that I think I should be moving.

I spend a lot of time consuming information.  I read, I listen, and I watch non-stop.  I learn and I process and I think about a thousand things a day.  I have an entire world of thoughts bouncing around in my head constantly.  Most of those thoughts rarely make it out into the light of day, and when they do, it is usually my poor wife that gets bombarded, or perhaps a select handful of close friends.

I haven’t yet figured out if I will focus my writing on any particular subject or not.  I tend to spend the majority of my time investigating questions of theology or science, or the interaction between the two.  I also work as a software developer and spend a good amount of time considering software engineering principles.  I occasionally, though rarely, find myself considering questions of politics as well.

Lately I have been absorbed into questions of biblical context.  I have a strong desire to understand the Bible and its theology in the context of its writers, and the culture surrounding those individuals, and to see beyond the common theological filters, such as denominational statements, catechisms, and creeds, that we all have in our lives.  While I know that those filters can be valuable in different ways, they can also make it difficult to get to the heart of difficult theological concepts found in the Bible.

I suspect that the majority of posts will be of a theological of philosophical nature.  While I am typically quiet and don’t often assert my opinions in person, when given a platform and a subject I am passionate about, I tend to get very verbose and long-winded (hence my prior statement about bombarding my wife).

Ultimately, I don’t have huge expectations for what this will become.  I will be considering that over time.  I do hope that in some way, there are some out there who might benefit from the fact that I spend a bit of time wrestling with difficult questions and do my best to find cogent, consistent, and intellectually satisfying answers.  Regardless, if the only person who benefits from the organization of my thoughts for writing is me, then I will be satisfied.

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